You’ve Been Served!

Three little words…so much stress. What does it even mean?



You may have heard that phrase but you have no idea what it is. I’m going to try to break this down for you.

In law, when you sue someone or when you file (submit) a paper in court you are required to give a copy of what you are submitting to the person you are submitting it against. The act of officially handing a person a copy of what you submitted is called service. When you “serve” someone, you officially give him/her a copy of court documents. That’s it!

The reason why it’s so complicated is because the law sets certain boundaries. For example, you yourself cannot serve the person you are suing. A third person not part of the lawsuit or action has to do it. Usually a sheriff can do it or there are process service companies that dedicate their entire day to doing this.

Service is also complicated because the law requires that you “serve” someone with enough time so that they can defend themselves. There are all sorts of deadlines in place.  Of course, its best to hire a lawyer to help you out.

There you have it, now you know about service.



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