Big Brother In the Workplace


Can My Employer Have Cameras In My Call Center?

Yes. Courts have held that employees have a lower expectation of privacy in the workplace: You don’t expect to have the same level of privacy as you do in your home. Because of this, your employer can have cameras in the general/main areas of the building. The same is not true for other places where you would expect privacy such as a bathroom or a changing area.



Employer And Credit Report

Can My Employer Use My Credit Report as a Basis for an Employment Decision?

Generally no. An employer cannot use your credit score or any information in your credit report to make an employment decision. There are exceptions. For example, if you work for the Department of Justice, as a peace officer, in a bank or have constant access to deposits of $10,000 or more (ie check cashing)  or handle personal sensitive information then your credit report can be used as a basis to make decisions.

It is important that you know that before your credit information is pulled your employer/potential employer must give you an authorization form and you must sign it and approve the request.